Vegan/Vegetarian Traditional Dishes You Cannot Miss When In Egypt


1. Tameya (AKA Falafel)

tameya 2

      Egypt is famous for its falafel, it’s like no other. Worldwide falafel is made out of Hummus, but in Egypt it is totally different, it is made out of fava beans. People usually have Tameya for breakfast it is deep fried, crunchy and perfect for vegetarians.



2. Mish (AKA Old cheese)


     Cottage cheese mixed with some spices and aged for months and some times years. Best Mish can be found in Upper Egypt, and it is made by farmers. It is very salty; the older the saltier. The legend says that it is was made and eaten in the old eras of pharaohs as well. It is perfect for breakfast.




  3. Feteer


    A very special pastry that you cannot find around the world. Layers of pastry baked in a special oven made out of mud. Whether you like savory or sweet you will definitely enjoy eating it, either to eat it with some cottage cheese, or salty Mish cheese, or dip it in honey or molasses.

   *Hint: Add some sesame paste to molasses.




 4. Koshary



The most famous dish of Egypt, you can also find Koshary now in some cities around the world; New York, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and even London. It is a mix of rice, 2 types of pastas, and black lentil topped with special tomato sauce and flied onions. Some people like it spicy so they add some chili sauce to it.






 5. Moussaka’a


Fried eggplant mixed with chopped tomatoes, chilis, and garlic. It is very aromatic and has a unique taste. Some Egyptians would like to eat on breakfast with pita bread, others would cook it “Lasagna style” by adding some bechamel to it and bake it in the oven for lunch with rice aside.







6. Basbousa



This is the dessert you will never find like outside of Egypt. Some other countries took the recipe and named the dessert with some other names to try to steel it, but Egyptian Basbousa has a very unique taste. Basbousa is made out of semolina and is sweetened with rose water syrup, and then garnished with cashews, walnuts, or pistachios. Simply, it is the best way to end your meal.